List of products by manufacturer Highly Electric Co.

Highly Electric Co.was established in the year of 1974, building up the business foundation from water tank pressure switch manufacturing. In the beginning, Highly was dedicated to develop switch for industrial field. In 1994, Highly set up a team to develop electronic LED switch for the foreseeable market demand. As a leadership in illuminated switch manufacturing, Highly's creative idea not only awaken market demand but also stimulate crowded concentration in this field. 

Business scope covering electronic equipment, computer peripheral, tele-communication, home appliance, medical equipment, industrial equipment, auto parts and so on, Highly is fully involved and complied with high quality policy with certified ISO9001 & ISO14001. Highly's products including illuminated switch, safety switch, micro switch, IP67 water proof switch, toggle switch, rocker switch, door switch and customized switch are all with certified quality approval and earn customer's admiration. " We must be ready today for tomorrow " that's Highly's vision all about. Focusing on the field of manufacturing and service, Highly Electric Co. is dedicated in researching and developing cutting-edge technology products. Keeping open mind to explore switch technology from worldwide to develop innovation products. HIGHLY's top management is giving fully support to develop and upgrade product technology that covering consumer electronic field, safety industry, transportation field. Based on concept of teamwork oriented, HIGHLY Electric Co. is committed to offer value-added products, to make the best better, to make our customer successful, to achieve win-win policy.