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Modular electrical

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Modular electrical


  • Contactors and protection relays
  • Fuses and Circuit Breakers
  • Solid State Relay

    SSR - solid state relays
    Today they are more widely used than electromechanical, which continue to be produced due to the existence of areas where they can not be displaced by SSR
    The main advantages of the SSR in comparison with the electromechanical relays are:
    - Long service life, due to the absence of mechanical contacts and moving parts.
    - There are problems of electrical arcing when opening mechanical contacts and those shaking their closing.
    - Reliability is over 100 times greater.
    - High insulation voltage between rulers and ruled chain already reached 5,3 kV.
    - Noiseless operation.
    - Small volume, weight and surface area on the PCB, especially important for portable devices.
    - Ability to add in the scheme of SSR semiconductor elements which give them additional features.
    - Lack of coil whose magnetic field could interfere with the operation of nearby electronic circuits.
    - Significantly less consumption DC control circuit and the possibility of its work with less supply voltage.
    These two factors simplify the chain, facilitate its implementation and reduce power dissipation.
    - Much better resistance to shocks and vibrations.
    - Less operating time, ie faster switching of the load.
    There are two main disadvantages of SSR - the greater resistance of the closed "contact," which is most essential in loads of great power and a larger parasitic capacitance of the open "contact" limiting switching high loads. To these must be added the lack of galvanic isolation when open "contact" and the presence of leakage current through it, which does not really exist for electromagnetic relays.

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