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Pneumatic systems, that are used extensively in industry, and factories, are commonly plumbed with compressed air or ...



  • Pneumatic actuators

    Pneumatic actuators for linear motion are :
    - cylinders unilateral action : pusher type with spring return and pull type with spring return
    - double acting cylinders which are similar to those of one-sided action . In these , however, there is no return spring , and the two ports are
    alternatively used in the role of power (input ) and a discharge port.
    - cylinders with cushioning in end positions
    - cylinders without piston rod
    When the cylinder without a piston rod , there are three main types of structures :
    - slot cylinders sealing belts;
    - cylinders magnetically coupled sliders ;
    cylinders - cable connection.
    Pneumatic actuators for rotary motion are :
    - air engines
    Rotary cylinders
    Rotary actuators

  • Shock absorber
  • Valves

    Pneumatic valves WINMAN are made from high quality raw materials. Perform 100% quality control of each manufactured item.
    In the laboratory, the distributors have successfully tested 30 million cycles without lubrication.
    Guide control valves ( valves ) directing the omission of air signals by generating , canceling or redirecting signals. Generally distributors are elements for changing the direction of the fluid.
     There are the following categories of structures distributors :
    Seated valves with conical shape ( some are as poppet valves ):
    - Ball (ball ) seated valves
    - Disc seated valves
    Gate valves:
    - Longitudinal gate valves ( valve plunger )
    - Longitudinal flat gate valves
    - Disc valves

  • Preparation Units
  • Fittings

    Basic principles of work and assembly of fittings. 
    Characteristics of fittings:
    - Very compact units
    - Easy tube insertion for rapid assembly of pneumatic circuits
    - Positive tube anchorage
    - All BSP taper threads pre-coated with non-PTFE based sealant
    - Straight adaptors feature internal hexagon for Allen key
    - Silicone free ‘O’-rings

  • Sensors and transducers for pressure

    Application: Control pressure pneumatic systems of various types of production lines, for example, assembly, packaging, production of electronic components and others.

  • Pneumatic tubes
  • Accessories