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Measurement and Control

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Measurement and Control

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  • controllers and process indicators

    Regulators are secondary converters physical magnitude, so that it displayed on the local display and form control output to the actuator. They are the main devices in the automation category. Available in a huge variety, specify a different physical, functional, constructive and finally exotic features.

  • Thermo sensors

    Thermal sensors are a very large part of the category of sensors / detectors, so in our layout of the store, they're in a separate category. No process in industry or in households, which can execute no control over temperature. There is a huge variety of thermal sensors. Various parametric properties of the materials used different physical temperature effects. Performed with various sizes. For different purposes. For different temperature ranges. As there is no cure, so that can cure all diseases, so there is no universal sensor is applicable to all sites for temperature measurement. Sensor word is denizen in Bulgarian language, but has long since established itself as a synonym for native words, detector or probe. In our publications, also use all synonyms without following any rule, but we hope this does not cause confusion to both our technical and non-technical audience.

  • Temperature Controllers

    Temperature regulators or regulators thermal or thermo controllers are secondary category transducers have three main functions. To read the signal from the primary converter, it visualized as physical quantity, in this case, temperature and form control output. Modern thermal regulators are electronic devices with rapidly changing circuit solutions, but always have a digital display and keypad. There is a different functionality, with different dimensions, a different number and type of inputs with different numbers and types of output and eventually the category number in the hundreds of thousands of devices analogs.

  • Extension cables and accessories

    In this category, the most common fall all those aids required for the launch and operation of each control system. Compensation and extension cables, safety boxes, safety heads, thermo wells, terminals, cable glands, mounting brackets, flanges, miscellaneous accessories.

  • transmitters

    Transmitters are a group of physical magnitude converters in analog or digital electrical signal. Another large group of transmitters convert one type of electrical signal to another. Physical having this most often when the signal to be transferred long distances and / or to match, reconcile, branched signal to other secondary devices. In another feature, the transmitters are temperature, pressure, humidity level, pH, and so forth. A constructive sign, are most commonly used for mounting head in a box for rail mounting and dozens of company specific embodiments.

  • sensors probe

    The sensors are a huge group of primary converters designed to convert any physical quantity into an electrical signal. For the manufacture of sensors using different physical effects, and even different parametric properties of materials. All this complemented with great structural diversity makes the category of sensors most numerous one. Not be wrong to say only flashover temperature sensors number tens and hundreds of thousands of varieties.

  • heaters actuators etc.

    Actuators are all those technical means adopted and / or read command by regulators and affect the physical quantity directly or indirectly. Most often it is a start and stop the coolant opening and closing the solenoid valve or actuator motor, on-off heater, refrigerator and so on.

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